Whats your story?

We’ll start from the beginning

you tell me your name

hands touch

pleasantly sending


Something up my spine

the pt says its my posture

and over compensation for it, you see

when i stand up properly people notice me

i should have a curve in my spine

shoulders back, butt out a little more

just like I’ve been taught not to do by the people around me they look

I try to stand up

not stick out my chest is too big

tuck it in i was taught for ballet

its really not fair but you all judge me

just like a big chested women who runs she said with disgust

like a girl, even.

Well fuck you all for judging me, and that goes for the men, too.

yesallwomen know

not even in the super expensive sports bras that hurts so tight

what should i say to the men?

you should smile more, he says

hey pretty lady

where you going so fast


even from the one i tried to love

you should like it, he says

at least try to be happy


Some men look with the disgust of a women and lust like the man

the scariest ones

creep up my spine before even seeing their eyes hollow on me


And then sometimes its worse for my words

who are you to think

you are smart, shut-up puffed-out chest, big-guns, intimidate

i know how to make you


some women are just asking for it, she says

unless youre the one on the top, smart women know, the hammer

but i dont want to hit break even a nail

i just need the love of a good chested man honestly


Even for You

tall dark and broad shoulders to touch over six feet

I would reach

where did you come from, i will not ask

you dont belong in those jeans and loafers on sand

out of place large smooth longing walking my shore

you smiled too young, eager dog so obedient, i blush

my bitch or yours, our leashes entangle, what would you say

to me you waved


formalities out of the way

I rest my head into your crook shoulders quivering

close my eyes and lick the salt

from between my lips

you taste me

touching my cheeks

breathe in you, shoulders back, butt out, posture right


—Want to respond to Marie and/or her writing? mariescottnot@gmail.com


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