You I know

I need, want, have

Everything, the theory of

our strings attached

You know

me I know

you must be

honest is the only touch, hold, love

to give my body moving freely

do you feel it

can you reach


I know you know

all i need are your hands to

know more everything in your mind

touch feel me heat

your cold foot

bare just one

silly me to think you were different

forget what i had in mind


i don’t want to wake up lonely

but lies are lies are

lives in lies are not worth writing

yours or his or hers

with love comes respect

honesty is the least i should expect

i don’t wanna just be fine

i want to reach the end

knowing the theory of everything in you


what i need you know

just kiss like real people

to learn your love like it is for the first time

nothing assumed

no deceit

just your whole hand on mine

eyes direct

no fake wife to hide your heart

no husband’s hollow touch

even if at a gentleman’s bequest.

— Response, reflection, comments always welcome:


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