Define Faithful

Because maybe it was me

the first one an infidel

in a thought

i don’t really know you

never actually felt you

i feel everything

now i know


your foot on the accelerator

or coming off the ether

backing out


i feel everything


you inside me

all your passions

never me for you

if i only knew if only you

i feel everything


how do i know your truth

in your body

the tilt of your axis

the rotation of your head

it was in a smile on the bed

without me

you were with someone else

while i was home distressed


but maybe it was me

the infidel

to question your everything

how dare I think


i feel everything missing

connections to my heart

you pulling south

strings to my north

my head my heart know the way

it’s in the poles

for all to know

now i do

can’t go back


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