Pirate Ship Wine Guy

Ahoy, mate! Will you help me over here, on the beach? I noticed you drop anchor out there off Gaviota, a few surfboards along the side of La Goleta. I’ve picked some lemons from the Ranch, and need help bringing them home.

Matilija Poppies, bright orange and big with black proboscis pollen, lay just above me, in the cozy little alcoves created by the punctuation of larger sage scrubs in the sand. I like it when we brush our bodies up against the sage, and release the feral scent of its purple leaves on the way home. Sometimes we stop in the alcoves, soft fine sand below us, walls of pheromone scented sage protect, but we must be careful not to get poked by the pointed sticks buried just under our feet. If sitting with you there, next time, I will be sure to bring a blanket for our bodies other parts need protection, too.

What would we do? With the lemons so plentiful and sour, we could blend well into the avocado a little chili, for heat. We’ll squeeze some into our hands for scrubbing clean, the sage, too. But more fun will be watching you make me a cocktail with your herbs and stronger mixings. We can dance as the moon rises over us, soft grass skirts moving with our hips. Your hands will find a way to hold me, taking me later to swim in our waves.


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