Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex* But Were Afraid to Ask…

It was his choice, but still, I worry about my husband…and Man! Am I glad they don’t make those things ‘plug-in’ anymore! Ya gotta watch the clip until the end to get that… right, ladies?

But back to my first thought: Naturally, I still have feelings for my husband, even after he found his Daisy; Feelings of concern and caring about his mental health, also of disgust and anger about his despicable decisions. It comes down to emotional intelligence, perhaps, and maybe that is why we see more men who cheat than women. I don’t know about that statement, it doesn’t really make sense, as it takes two to ‘cheat’ on your spouse. So, I guess it means men cheat on more occasions, and they share the same pool of fewer women who cheat? It sounds like I said ‘pool of sheep’ but that is just too apropos.

I was recently doing some light reading, and some heavier reading, and some LunchBox Science reading, and I have concluded that my Daisy should really be a Prairie Vole, and I’ve named him Duke. Are your genes coded correctly? Do you live on a prairie? Do you like to dig-deep, nest and explore? Then ravage me now. Over here, my potions will be under the pillow, in case your genes need re-coding.

What do ewe think about the whole evolutionary psychology thing? Or how about all those sexual puns!? How great are those!?! 🙂


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