Crazy Thoughts

Addressing Pain A) Okay, how do I love thee, i cannot think of the ways, but what if this is how we rid ourselves of our ills? We give all our said ills the opposing energy, like that grapefruit growing in you, you just have to love it to death. The cancer in my colon (not really) needs my love to be healed, to heal myself i must learn to love it, give it all my loving energy.

To rid the world of all this hate, we must learn to love it. How do we love hate? How do we make love?

How do we break our dependence on foreign oil? We put our energy into fixing foreign oil. How do we end terrorism? We start it, that one doesn’t work. But maybe we fix foreign oil by loving the terrorists? That would be difficult, no doubt, but no good comes without difficult.

How do i find the sleep I just pulled myself out of to write this, as the sun is rising? maybe i should try not to sleep?

How do we fix the environmental movement, the planet we share, our lives? We teach the world to make love?

evil, give it goodness. hate, love. wine, drink. food, eat. sleep, not.


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