Girls’ day Love

“Momma,” she pouted low coughy winey lovey

c’mere sweety snuggle warming into me

always daddy’s little girl, she always sides w him

you just need to find a job he does everything

“last night was the worst night aah ever, mamma”

I’m sorry, honey love my everything

because your brother jumped on top of your neck with all his force and almost broke it, sweetie?

they were play wrestling under his supervision, of course he blew up but

how dare i say calm down

because mama left to late night yoga?

“i don’t know, i guess” she pouted into my chest


hot chocolate, chocolate, chocolate muffins warm coffee warm words will hold me keep me


“momma?” she said with more confidence strong headed me i love

ya know what daddy said last night? sticking out her lower lip face scrunching

what honey? looking in the rear view mirror

he said i just need to learn how to read, letting out a breath she held all night

it was only one word, maybe i didn’t want to read that word, maybe i was just reading to myself


her words: feel good words she knows like me

Title: Dogs

Dogs sleep, Dogs snuggle, Dogs Play

when you are droopy Dogs make you Happy

and snuggle with you too

Title: Cats do/Go/Play

Cats snuggle with you cats and kittens Play with

Their Toys

Cats do go outside, kittens too


listen momma this one’s like holiday music!

music playing horns piano jump and shout dancing fun a little yoga mats lined up

even a few math problems at her request, so like me

mama mama, this one’s called snowman! we should play it for the holidays!

Yes we should, a play a sing a song a dance its always love.


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