Her, Insanity


Insanity logically thought she could meet him

both knew it would be the end of things

pain, muse, deep inside he was

afterall aloof batted for the other team

how cute fun gay friend not

nice to feed me either

taking off my pitchers mask

allowing me to unrobe

cry on safe shoulders aren’t nice either

ya know whats more efficient

kinder gentler real, convincing words tell more

move more mountains slide debris

new morning pounding rains down sleep

each day a little cleaner

dawn of never ending drought

the truth! and have some morals iphone friends

kind Not the One friend

that goes for you too

please delete me from all those data bases

cause really You shouldve known better

clear those your cobwebs from my head and

get out of my computer savvy

a be not pain but kind

like water


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