my wise one’s nightmares

walking walking walking a blue nail i stepped

then it hissed like a cat

and i ran and ran and ran as fast as i could

blue hands with grey nails scratching

ms. simion the blue nails with grey

i was scared so much and it’s like it keeps coming back to you whe you close your eyes

“warning!” ms. simion said, “it’s not a dream!”

and it gets closer and closer

and we were on a race track that goes looped d loop up and there were bugs on the side that i got stuck in

then my fairy god mother got me and carried me up just as ms. simiom grabbed on.

and then i forgot but i ran and ran and ran and a great big land fill came up that was the size of my room it was so hard then i hit her and stepped on her and punched her.

the end (and hopefully mom can go back to bed…)

ms. simion reminds me of ms. sita (our old cat) now what are you writing, mom?

nothing go to sleep. the other monster is now up claiming nightmares…


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