darkness attracts light

I see you in your darkness feel you there

touch me here, take my hand

come with me step into my light

you only know the conditions which must be

met me at the line of woods me taking yours

a fire wood lit by me to travel

through your fire i can step

if you want me take my hand

come with me

step into the light

your hands and mouth open

do you want to come?

i woke to your falling back darkness pleasure i felt

i can hold you keep you there

down upon your bed

hurry go slow i will pack the gear in the light of day we’ll know

don’t cry it’s ok too taking more my hand in yours you’ve shown me

you can touch me taste me in the dark your name

alone on me my more lighting the way

our fires stoking heat between us dark and light

are you scared, i am not

can you taste me feel me my ecstasy is worth great wanting

i will not unless you know

take my hand

come with me

step into the light


i have felt a separation

a seeming slight stopping of the heart tearing me

a pulse into another dimension light though i think but

no less scary than death i wonder

what it is?

it happens in the night as sleep is trying to come more

also in the day sitting, but less now

the whole earth feels like it moves ever so slight a blur

i think it is like your demons telling death mind sick

pulling me into the light


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