I imagine you again

seeing you for the first time

again our eyes tell first eyebrows raise

smile, laugh, again, look. look. again

what is that who i want? who speaks first?

i will play, how long will you go

without a word one

i think laughter will sound first

maybe an odd giggle, a release of breath

shake it out a

love me madly

measured proportions never

give me your all the way don’t quit

hurry, you know what i need, up

to no want nothing everything now

You will clear your throat, straighten up a bit, chill down your back, but you come prepared.

“Hi,” I’ll smile into your eyes deeply wanting, maybe, it will be real, laughter. Seriously, I am saying snap out of the darkness thing, get over your sadness shit, I can help, and do the same. “What are you thinking, wanting, to do now?”

You will try to shake out a word, go slow, looking down at your foot does something to the ground. You look up, again, and we laugh, again.

“Seriously, that’s all you’ve got?” Will I have to start with questions, I’ll have to think on it. Okay, “Your eyes don’t look tired, anymore.” I’ll tilt my head, trying to get a better look, your smile grows into that one that creases the side of your thin face, mouth closed dimples, a breath. I won’t bite my lip as you tilt your head opposite, and it grows into that teeth-bearing, wide open mouth slight nostril flaring, deeper breath, grin. The one we don’t see very often, that makes your eyes narrow, crooked, six happy crying wrinkle lines (yes, i counted) from the corner of your eye. I think this is the same face we see with tears, are you crying?

Now it’s time for an almost imperceptible shake it out of my head, maybe a finger to my lips, biting my nail, smile, blinking, I’ll say…


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