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Mother Nature My Sunshine

This post is for the Nature Chills Challenge on A Momma’s View: https://amommasview.wordpress.com/blog-eventschallenges/nature-chills-challenge/

Being out in Nature is the way I connect to my thoughts, my feelings, my joy, my everything really. I like to be secluded(but not alone) in nature with them, whether it is the rocky mountains in which I live, or visiting the oceans where I grew up, i find almost all my inspiration for writing comes from outside. It creates the emotions and voices inside me from which I write.


Oh, sentient One, my Oak

branches strong above me lay

spread across the open grasses golden hills of California

floating pelicans perfectly placed between masses of elements breathe

upon my moons we wake gently too by my light full

on the building of waves movement across the oceans

swells slowly awake at my post facing our mountains

your soul army arching from behind through the hills your branches reach

meandering paths just peak along the bluffs

reaching in shallow pools hands pricked by sea anenome

rooting my topsoil secluded trails of enchanted forests blanketed

only by distant low vibrations

we play in the patches of sunlight

weaving through the intoxication of bell flower forests, laughing

laying on a suns ray field purple with long smiles

mostly I love the patchy shade of the redwoods filtering happiness through the reality of hundreds of years of birth, life, love, loss, death.


many many too

much moods good more bad

too much stuff can’t breathe go a

way don’t look at me

ugly sparkles so pretty

at first luster too

soon love lasting maybe not

feeling well congested with

trash at all hate LOL

emote a con love

talk not too see you unless

crying mood feels better now

this morning rain

i woke with the sound of the rain

and you in my heart, breathing

alone in my bed, felt, saw, touched

awake a river of precipitation

dark stallion i rode in my dream


we met at the base of the stairs

you came up to meet me on top

eyes first tell the truth

taking my hand fingers first touch

gently rolling smooth between your own free

walk with me, you asked, and i did

unsure how far i can go all the way if you know

part of my home, my heart, my past

physically there at the point

body hard and in ashes still lives the soul

real emotions brake at the waves line

your hands find my hips motion

together we know

where you found me