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Next to Great Grandfather’s Obit

McLaglen Star of Fox Film

“Victor McLaglen, the big he-man of motion pictures, has chased countless women through miles of film, but until he portrayed the role of John Rawson, the western mine owner of great wealth in “Annabelle’s Affairs,” the Fox comedy playing at the Fox Theatre today, he never got his woman.

McLaglen is co-featured with Jeanette MacDonald, beautiful and accomplished screen actress in this rollicking comedy, adapted from Clare Kummer’s stage play, so successfully produced as “Good Gracious Annabel” not very long ago.”

This column lays beside my great grandfather’s obituary in the ‘Grape’ Star, Sunday, July 12, 1931.

“Included in the cast, supporting the principals, are, some of the screens best known personalities, most prominent being Roland Young, William Collier, Sr.,Sam Hardy, Ruth Warren, Joyce Compton, Sally Blane, George Andre Beranger, credit for the adaptation and dialogue goes to Leon Gordon.

Also, a splendid booking of accidental features to close.

‘Smart Money’

Ribald at times, largely satirical and a touch of grimness, “Smart Money” comes to the Fox Theatre on Monday and Tuesday with Edward Robinson in the role of a Greek barber who rises from a petty crap shooter in a Chicago barber shop to heights of power and wealth only to fall to obsecurity due to his weakness for blondes.

James Cagney, seen recently in “The Public Enemy” shares honors with Robinson, “Smart Money” marks first first appearance of these two players in humorous parts and according to eastern reviewers they fare well with the lines and situations allotted to them.

Short subject listed on the program include second of the Bobby Jones series, “Chip Shots,” “Dance Hall Marge,” a comedy, and Paramount Newsreel.

Also piece entitled No Censorship at White House, WASHINGTON, July 11th, Suggestions that President Hoover is…”





ARE Remember that you’re here to

SHARE who YOU ARE Remember

you are LOVE 

Remember Who You Are Remember THAT



——————————-Today’s mantra by way of Yoga Soup ——————————-

Her, Insanity


Insanity logically thought she could meet him

both knew it would be the end of things

pain, muse, deep inside he was

afterall aloof batted for the other team

how cute fun gay friend not

nice to feed me either

taking off my pitchers mask

allowing me to unrobe

cry on safe shoulders aren’t nice either

ya know whats more efficient

kinder gentler real, convincing words tell more

move more mountains slide debris

new morning pounding rains down sleep

each day a little cleaner

dawn of never ending drought

the truth! and have some morals iphone friends

kind Not the One friend

that goes for you too

please delete me from all those data bases

cause really You shouldve known better

clear those your cobwebs from my head and

get out of my computer savvy

a be not pain but kind

like water

Best Match/ Man-friend Survey #1

Please answer honestly, there is no such thing as a wrong answer.

Any friend may take the survey, no matter your persuasion, gender, preference, etc. Leave your answer and responses, short or long, in the comments.

When I say, “Not tonight, honey, I’m not in the mood,” your first response is:

a. “Well, no coffee for you in the morning, Fridge!”

b. “Hmm…” then dreamily, “can I spoon you to sleep, beautiful?”

c. “Just call me when you’re in a good mood.”

d, “Well, you should want it, it would be good for you!”

e. “I understand,” touching me gently still, kissing my shoulder, “can I read some to you? from my book or yours?” ahmmm… You hear me respond to your words, slowly coming closer at each breath, wrapping my body around yours. Starting at the toes then ankles working my way up, my hand on your bare stomach, matching each of your parts to mine from the side up til my head rests low on your chest. This is not where I saw this going, but I changed my mind, my heart, in the last answer. Cuddling into your warmth and feeling your hum inside my body bare.

What do you say?

PS – This piece is embarrassingly dedicated to my neigh-neigh-loving, Ewe know who you are friend, and anyone else in our lit-ladies club who may have found me out. PLEASE, I implore, beg, bribe you with fine wine, keep my secrets confidential, all of them – true or not you can’t say – do not tell anyone, anyone at all, but most particularly the men in our ‘club’, as i can think of nothing worse than thinking they know about the twisted way my head bends. And really, seriously, I need to feel anonymous to write in such a personal way, for my own safety from scary haters. So sorry, if you do know, feel no need to discuss with me, I will see it in your eyes, anyway, and it would be so uncomfortable. Thank Ewe for the fun survey idea, I hope I will figure out your identity here(give me a sign?), too, and you can respond to the survey… Look for more fun Best Match Man-friend questions coming soon. Ewe are a good friend:)

email me any of Ewe: mariescottnot@gmail.com

just touch me

Jamaica? The Theory of Everything is Love, or Probability or Time.


What is the probability, he asks, upon the second chance. Our meeting was too brief, yet it encompassed all time, our history. In your eyes I saw everything, in us is all knowing, the creator from where we come and will go, the universe an iris. Once just a twinkle, now they walk and talk and continue our living.

The Theory of Everything is love, or is it sex he asks, smiling then throwing his head back laughing, joy.

Let’s research;) I say, I just need you to touch me please, I am saying you can do that again; catch me from falling. Be at my back before I know your need and find my hand always there for you searching. Come up from behind me, in this place where I am unsure,  just brush up to me a tiny finger, a shoulder to rest on. Breathe me in your words, in my mind I can feel them.

Everything is going to be okay, I said to my son, but the uncertain feeling is coming up through my spine from the gut. Tell me, my love, your words I needs to hear. How will it be okay, how will I find your hands holding me.

The problem is with Time, the equation of yours and mine. Is it Love plus Sex equals Life, but of course, tho the question is unclear. Life=Time? Love=Time? Life and love is in the end just hope. Death then equals light, or is it darkness I see in your eyes, a sadness I recognize? I find it most amazing the whole of life, Earth, Everything is seen in the eyes, black holes to another’s heart. We are all one body a universe, but I just want you, here beside me.

Laying in bed I don’t want to leave, move, eat or drink just you here with me. Reading the news, yours glasses sliding down your nose just below where smile wrinkles form when i kiss it, then your mouth. We laugh as the children come in screaming, crawling all over us. You scold with a warm embrace, a good morning ruffle, back out you go; let’s lock the door we say together with no words.

The problem is with Time, I keep coming back to it. We can swim around in our bubble, move all within our sphere gooey, but we cannot go back. Sideways works, I think it is the secret, the answer in the research. I’ll say it next time I see you, “What is the probability?” and you will look at me like the stranger I am, for we’ve forgotten. Then I will say I know you, I’m a time traveler you know me, looking into your eyes firm, your hold on me will soon be. You will just put both hands to my face, and tilt my head opposite to yours, bringing our lips together for the first kiss lasting, seeing, feeling forever in your eyes, in your words alone.


Or you can just pour me a glass of something really thoughtful and we can talk all sexy to each other, about the probability of it all, finding you again and again in my dreams.


“Jamaica?” I say looking deep into your eyes. Hoping for a smile, a smirk, something that tells me I am not totally insane. The voice in my head has got to be right about something, “Does that mean anything to you, Jamaica?” because Jamaican me crazy, I laugh to myself but really I am afraid of your answer. For I can’t keep going so deep inside my head without your help, your hand, your words telling me. More than just a singh, give me something real to know, words more direct, better yet your eyes on mine, touch me w some truth, you know too.