Man less of Me

I know a man, generous with his kindness

I ache to bear his weight, to feel more

Inside me, I know I cannot


To touch his large hands

upon me, groping

Soothing my pain


But I cannot allow him

to hurt his wife, inside me I know

the way my husband hurt me

long ago, and again, I suspect


I would like him less

there would be less of me to love

it would ruin my imagination


I ache to know his passion

his parts and pieces

throbbing, throwing my neck back

breathing in his huge gasps

tasting his moisture


i ache


to feel his arms around me

loyally enveloped in his strong, protective chest


I wish to hear his words and thoughts

brutal honesty before deceit


I know a man, tall and bright and strong

I ache to know

—Respond, reflect, questions, comments always welcome: —


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