Tagliatelle with Porcini mushrooms and Guanciale (jowl bacon)

who can make this for me now …? 🙂


Dear readers,

we’re back to our weekly recipe and, this time, I propose a fast recipe, suitable for this winter season, the Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and Guanciale, which is similar to jowl bacon.

You will need only a few ingredients and very little time!

Ingredients (for 2 people):

80 gr of porcini mushrooms (2.8 oz)
75 gr of diced Guanciale jowl bacon (or bacon) (2.8 oz)
200 gr of Tagliatelle (7 oz)
A clove of garlic
A knob of butter
The right amount of parsley and salt


Peel a clove of garlic, prepare mushrooms and dice the Guanciale (or bacon).

If you use dried porcini mushrooms, wash them, so that they can be added later in the cooking; if you have them frozen, you can put them directly in the pan.
Meanwhile, put to boil the water in the pot, so as to be able to sauté the pasta in the still…

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farming words

Marie Scott

cows, beef, cattle, beets, strawbs and rhubarb pies baking

refurbished old oven cost more than my truck

boots i love cowgirls’

boots i love myself

why should i give you my words for free

when you could buy the book

is that what you are really doing, farming?

down on the ranch, i prefer it Santa Barbara style

grape growing wines old

vines and grafting and honey-dripping slow

goats, too, for fromage avec herbs de provence

farmhouse quaintly dilapidating under the tuscan sun

i prefer champagne, foxy bubbles are best

tiny bubbles remind me of dad


it seems all they talk about is how to disagree, and what we disagree on

no more for me i want to talk about what we agree on

happy words feel deep inside words

emotions some good some just dialogue


like that scene from sideways where curly blonde doesn’t properly emote, sappy…

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My Hero

max be well my hero such

tiny arms could break like

shattered glass bleeding they still wrap

around me from me my body you are

me my son weak scared hurting stronger than

anyone for me love

he gives me unconditionally except when he doesn’t almost the

obstinence of a child, do you know?


killing me upon life birth hard heart rate erratic no one understood

what is wrong with her think think think the nurse i love said

scars with me for a life a

lifetime too death do us part but who


Mommy, i love that beautiful coat you wear

you are so beautiful to me

it makes me feel good when i see you in it

reminds me of our trip to Yosemite

I gush at my little hero as i look down at

my beautiful coat stained heavy with

tears and snout probably it is just an

old ragged sweatshirt i wear when i

feel so cold sick sad hiding under the hood

he snuggles into me my warmth building in us

both each others heros

Mother Nature My Sunshine

This post is for the Nature Chills Challenge on A Momma’s View: https://amommasview.wordpress.com/blog-eventschallenges/nature-chills-challenge/

Being out in Nature is the way I connect to my thoughts, my feelings, my joy, my everything really. I like to be secluded(but not alone) in nature with them, whether it is the rocky mountains in which I live, or visiting the oceans where I grew up, i find almost all my inspiration for writing comes from outside. It creates the emotions and voices inside me from which I write.


Oh, sentient One, my Oak

branches strong above me lay

spread across the open grasses golden hills of California

floating pelicans perfectly placed between masses of elements breathe

upon my moons we wake gently too by my light full

on the building of waves movement across the oceans

swells slowly awake at my post facing our mountains

your soul army arching from behind through the hills your branches reach

meandering paths just peak along the bluffs

reaching in shallow pools hands pricked by sea anenome

rooting my topsoil secluded trails of enchanted forests blanketed

only by distant low vibrations

we play in the patches of sunlight

weaving through the intoxication of bell flower forests, laughing

laying on a suns ray field purple with long smiles

mostly I love the patchy shade of the redwoods filtering happiness through the reality of hundreds of years of birth, life, love, loss, death.

Next to Great Grandfather’s Obit

McLaglen Star of Fox Film

“Victor McLaglen, the big he-man of motion pictures, has chased countless women through miles of film, but until he portrayed the role of John Rawson, the western mine owner of great wealth in “Annabelle’s Affairs,” the Fox comedy playing at the Fox Theatre today, he never got his woman.

McLaglen is co-featured with Jeanette MacDonald, beautiful and accomplished screen actress in this rollicking comedy, adapted from Clare Kummer’s stage play, so successfully produced as “Good Gracious Annabel” not very long ago.”

This column lays beside my great grandfather’s obituary in the ‘Grape’ Star, Sunday, July 12, 1931.

“Included in the cast, supporting the principals, are, some of the screens best known personalities, most prominent being Roland Young, William Collier, Sr.,Sam Hardy, Ruth Warren, Joyce Compton, Sally Blane, George Andre Beranger, credit for the adaptation and dialogue goes to Leon Gordon.

Also, a splendid booking of accidental features to close.

‘Smart Money’

Ribald at times, largely satirical and a touch of grimness, “Smart Money” comes to the Fox Theatre on Monday and Tuesday with Edward Robinson in the role of a Greek barber who rises from a petty crap shooter in a Chicago barber shop to heights of power and wealth only to fall to obsecurity due to his weakness for blondes.

James Cagney, seen recently in “The Public Enemy” shares honors with Robinson, “Smart Money” marks first first appearance of these two players in humorous parts and according to eastern reviewers they fare well with the lines and situations allotted to them.

Short subject listed on the program include second of the Bobby Jones series, “Chip Shots,” “Dance Hall Marge,” a comedy, and Paramount Newsreel.

Also piece entitled No Censorship at White House, WASHINGTON, July 11th, Suggestions that President Hoover is…”

Show, Don’t Tell

Lynette Noni

This seriously awesome “cheat sheet” popped up in my Facebook and Twitter feed the other day and it’s simply too good not to share. It originated from a website called Writers Write:


As writers, we’re often told how important it is to “show, don’t tell” with our words. The funny thing is, it can be easier to write “tell” rather than “show”, but it’s waaaay better to READ “show” than it is to read “tell”. And really, as someone who spends a lot of time reading, I kinda hate it when I read writing that does more telling than showing, because it almost makes me feel dumb, you know? It sends the message that the writer thinks that to get their story across then they have to describe everything to the point that there’s no room left for my imagination to enjoy the creativity of filling in any gaps…

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Will You Be my wine-caddy?


Marie Scott

He was there, in the aisles of Costco, studying a bottle of really nice viognier, probably a Blair Fox. His slacks and linen shirt were kinda wrinkled, but hidden by a sports jacket that looked too formal for Santa Barbara. I had to talk to him, but what was I going to say? Hi;) thats a great wine, kinda peach-flowery and mineral, with a creamy nectar finish, like your chest. Ok, I wouldn’t say that, about his chest, but I would definitely be thinking about what was under his clothes, and I don’t mean just the skin, of the grape, of course.

No, I couldn’t say anything, for fear of sounding like a fool, a fool in love. But on the other hand, how could I not say anything, if this guy could be a love of my life? I needed to just say hi, introduce myself, ask him if…

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Stop thinking it’s all about you,

or your lover, because as much as it resembles others, it is just the imaginings in my head. This is my absolute truth:

Man Less of Me: http://wp.me/p57Qci-2p

It was written long before I even knew the name of any particular anyone who might think it’s all about them. I know haters are gonna hate, but I will just try my best to send out love, and my honest truth, as I wouldn’t want anything, for anyone(even haters), any other way.  I love to write, to straighten out my head, imaginations, subconscious, flaws and all, spilling into new realizations, for myself – Not anyone else.

Love, ME




I imagine you again

seeing you for the first time

again our eyes tell first eyebrows raise

smile, laugh, again, look. look. again

what is that who i want? who speaks first?

i will play, how long will you go

without a word one

i think laughter will sound first

maybe an odd giggle, a release of breath

shake it out a

love me madly

measured proportions never

give me your all the way don’t quit

hurry, you know what i need, up

to no want nothing everything now

You will clear your throat, straighten up a bit, chill down your back, but you come prepared.

“Hi,” I’ll smile into your eyes deeply wanting, maybe, it will be real, laughter. Seriously, I am saying snap out of the darkness thing, get over your sadness shit, I can help, and do the same. “What are you thinking, wanting, to do now?”

You will try to shake out a word, go slow, looking down at your foot does something to the ground. You look up, again, and we laugh, again.

“Seriously, that’s all you’ve got?” Will I have to start with questions, I’ll have to think on it. Okay, “Your eyes don’t look tired, anymore.” I’ll tilt my head, trying to get a better look, your smile grows into that one that creases the side of your thin face, mouth closed dimples, a breath. I won’t bite my lip as you tilt your head opposite, and it grows into that teeth-bearing, wide open mouth slight nostril flaring, deeper breath, grin. The one we don’t see very often, that makes your eyes narrow, crooked, six happy crying wrinkle lines (yes, i counted) from the corner of your eye. I think this is the same face we see with tears, are you crying?

Now it’s time for an almost imperceptible shake it out of my head, maybe a finger to my lips, biting my nail, smile, blinking, I’ll say…

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