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My Hero

max be well my hero such

tiny arms could break like

shattered glass bleeding they still wrap

around me from me my body you are

me my son weak scared hurting stronger than

anyone for me love

he gives me unconditionally except when he doesn’t almost the

obstinence of a child, do you know?


killing me upon life birth hard heart rate erratic no one understood

what is wrong with her think think think the nurse i love said

scars with me for a life a

lifetime too death do us part but who


Mommy, i love that beautiful coat you wear

you are so beautiful to me

it makes me feel good when i see you in it

reminds me of our trip to Yosemite

I gush at my little hero as i look down at

my beautiful coat stained heavy with

tears and snout probably it is just an

old ragged sweatshirt i wear when i

feel so cold sick sad hiding under the hood

he snuggles into me my warmth building in us

both each others heros


my comfortable spot

biting my lip and

kissing the tears from my cheeks the

weight of your body relaxes into mine

i am sleeping bare

waiting for you to crawl

in under the covers with me

one night real someday again

your dreams will wake me gently from

my comfortable spot

Mind F*ck

I thought I could feel Everything like I knew who you were touching me

Everything gone

feels like forever

to ashes in an overflowing ocean

from my body

a tidal wave

no holding back only darkness from all my pours

it just came

a pain so sudden

stepped off a curb, you know the story

now a best friends son, not that it was a truck, we knew it was coming

but unexpected was this tidal wave

this morning rain

i woke with the sound of the rain

and you in my heart, breathing

alone in my bed, felt, saw, touched

awake a river of precipitation

dark stallion i rode in my dream


we met at the base of the stairs

you came up to meet me on top

eyes first tell the truth

taking my hand fingers first touch

gently rolling smooth between your own free

walk with me, you asked, and i did

unsure how far i can go all the way if you know

part of my home, my heart, my past

physically there at the point

body hard and in ashes still lives the soul

real emotions brake at the waves line

your hands find my hips motion

together we know

where you found me